Snow Angel

Title: 雪天使 / Xue Tian Shi
Episodes: 23
Opening theme song: Bao Feng Yu (暴風雨) by Toro
Ending theme song: Wang Le Ai (忘了爱) by Toro

This drama, staring Toro, Johnny Yan and Wang Yu Jie is about a triangle relationship amongst the 3 of them. In the show, Ji Teng (Toro) and Xue Tong (Margaret Wang) love each other but Xing Feng (Johnny) likes Xue Tong too. Ji Teng and Xing Feng are brothers but when their mother was killed by their father, he brought them away and they were seperated. Many years later Xing Feng finds out through a DNA test that Ji Teng's his long lost biological brother, but Ji Teng was Xing Feng's enemy when it's about Xue Tong.

Toro as Ji Teng / Ji Gang
Margaret Wang as Qi Xue Tong
Yan Xing Shu as Qi Xing Feng
Cheryl Yang as Elaine Liang
Zhang Fu Jian as Qi Jia Shi
Tang Jia Hao as Ji Jie
Zhang Si Ping as Ma Qian
Gou Feng as Ji Da Shan
Julian Yang


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